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how to make easy stocking stuffers with treat bags

How to Make Easy Stocking Stuffers with Treat Bags

Sometimes the most fun and surprising presents to open are the smallest ones, which is why Christmas stockings are such a wonderful tradition. This year as you’re wondering how to make easy stocking stuffers, turn to small treat bags and stuff them with a few of these simple gifts:

Ideas for Easy Stocking Stuffers:

  • Homemade fudge, cut into cubes and sealed into plastic bags to stay fresh. Press cubes into chopped special ingredients to personalize the flavors.
  • Homemade Lavender sachets to go in a drawer, under a pillow, or even in unexpected places like a car.
  • Lip balm to help with combatting the dry winter weather. Depending on the scent, these can be perfect for kids, women, and men.
  • Christmas stickers, which are fun for little ones and make easy seals on thank you cards for adults.
  • Crazy crayons made by melting chopped pieces of crayons in mini cupcake pans. Use shaped novelty pans to make crayons in fun shapes.
  • Packets of seeds to plant in the spring. Some varieties can even be started indoors right away and moved outside when the weather warms up.
  • Scented soaps, which can be handmade if you would like. Just make sure they’re in airtight bags to contain the scents.
  • Small activity books, like coloring books for kids and sudoku or crossword puzzles for adults.
  • Card games, or just a deck of cards with a fun print on the backs.
  • Hot cocoa packets, either in simple flavors or gourmet ones.

A simple assembly line can make the task of gathering stocking stuffers for lots of recipients easy. Just get cute treat bags from Lillian Vernon, put a name tag on each of them, and set them up in a row. Drop an item in each bag every time you get something new!

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