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Little Gifts for the Little One: Creative Gifts for Toddlers

Toddlers learn as they play all day, and the best toys are easy to cuddle, handle and maneuver. When you need a creative gift for a little one, consider four little gifts that foster learning, development and fun.babygift

Interactive Toys

Toddlers grow and develop at lightning fast speed. Interactive toys like Soft Blocks, Hide and Seek Cubes and the Zoo Playset accelerate a toddler’s problem solving and fine motor skills while promoting fun.


Stuffed doll or animal friends provide the comfort and companionship most toddlers crave, and they’re fun to dress up and carry around during the day. With a Taggies stuffed doll or animal, toddlers enjoy a constant playmate, develop tactile skills and learn empathy as they care for their new, cuddly friend.


Most toddlers insist on feeding themselves as they exert their independence. Encourage this trait and limit messes with train, animal or personalized bibs.

Personalized Books

Reading together strengthens relationship bonds and improves a child’s literacy and language skills. One of the best activities parents, grandparents or caregivers can enjoy with toddlers, reading personalized books make story time even better. Toddlers perk up when they hear their name, and they learn valuable skills that prepare them to read on their own.

Toys serve as the foundation for a toddler’s day. For birthdays, holidays or any occasion, give one of these four creative gifts, and watch the toddlers in your life grow, develop and learn as they play.

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