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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Crafty Mom

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Crafty Mom

The number of shopping days until Christmas is dropping quickly. As you scramble to finish your holiday shopping, don’t forget your mom. Try some of these last minute gift ideas for mom if yours enjoys making arts and crafts projects.

Decorative Bottles

A creative mom can have a field day with a collection of glass bottles in a number of shapes and sizes. She can fill the bottles with homemade vanilla extract, flavored oils, or homemade salt scrubs. She can also use the bottles for purely decorative purposes, such as a vase for a single flower.


Crafty moms tend to have a lot of supplies or little accessories that can get lost easily if there’s nowhere to store them. Give your mom a storage solution this Christmas by purchasing a jewelry organizer for her. She doesn’t have to use it to store necklaces or earrings. Organizers are also great for storing beads, knitting needles, and other crafting knick-knacks.

Tool Kit

Your mom doesn’t have to be a crafter to appreciate a tool kit for Christmas. An all-in-one kit contains the tools she needs to hang up a picture, tighten a loose screw, or measure an area to see if it’s the right size for a painting or other piece of wall art. Tool kits are ideal because they not only have the tools mom needs, they also come in a handy case, so mom can keep her tools together and find them at a moment’s notice.

Scrap booking Materials 

This can be fun especially if you pick out scrap booking materials that represent the past year. You can also spend as little or much as you want on a present like this!

If you’d like more last minute gift ideas for mom, check out Lillian Vernon today.

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