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Outdoor Lighted Nativity Scenes

Inspirational Outdoor Lighted Nativity Scene Displays

As we enjoy the many displays of sparkling decorations, there is always an abundance of merry elves, trees, reindeer and Santas. When we happen to find an outdoor lighted nativity scene amid the many decorations, its purity can brighten our whole evening.

A community effort

In the St. George area of Utah, community groups and volunteers come together to stage an outdoor reenactment of the birth of Christ. This live nativity scene is the central feature of the region’s Festival of Lights, which also includes hot chocolate, caroling, and bonfires. Many local animals are drafted to add to the realistic atmosphere of the outdoor lighted nativity scene, and attendance at these events has become an important annual celebration for many families.

Oh, holy night!

The pure white of these figures in the Gaylord Opryland Hotel’s nativity scene suggests that they have stepped out of the pages of history and settled like snowflakes among the lighted trees. This scene preserves the sacredness of the Christmas season, remaining free of all the other secular symbols of the holiday. Viewing this display provides a respite from the busy shopping season, and lucky hotel guests linger while they gaze at it.

The focal point in town

In the main plaza of Bogota, Colombia, a nativity scene has pride of place right on the steps of the town’s great cathedral. The sight is a moving one, demonstrating how the faith of the people is vibrant and alive. During the weeks that this scene is displayed, people gather at night from distant neighborhoods to simply be in the presence of the figures, and the display becomes an extension of the sacred space of the cathedral.

Perhaps your family has a traditional nativity scene that you set up every year in your front yard, amid the sparkle of many strings of lights. To add a festive seasonal touch to your front walkway lights, check out our Christmas yard light sets.

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