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How to Stay Organized at Elementary School

It’s not easy to stay organized at school, no matter what level the level of education is. That’s why it’s important to get into good organizational habits early, particularly in the elementary school years as homework becomes more regularly assigned and tests and quizzes are scheduled. Here’s a look at some tips on how youngsters can stay organized in elementary school, thereby developing good habits that will continue with them throughout middle school, high school and even through college:

  • Organizational portfolio: Your student is learning a variety of subjects in elementary school and an organizational portfolio which is divided off into several sections is a great way to keep subjects separate, while keeping track of assignments and keeping all work that is stored neat. Such portfolios easily fold up, making them very portable and convenient to carry to and from school each day. Such portfolios can even be custom named.
  • Planner/agenda: Have your student get into the habit of keeping an agenda or planner to note significant school events, such as tests and quizzes, project due dates and also things like field trips and assemblies. This will help your student get a better idea of workload on a given day, week or month and also help him or her manage their time better.
  • Reduce clutter: Nothing causes confusion quite like clutter. So have your student routinely go through their book bags, folders, homework portfolios and desks to clean out old assignments and any other clutter.

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