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How to have a perfect slumber party for girls

How to Have the Perfect Slumber Party for Girls

Giggling, putting on silly outfits, watching movies, and eating tasty snacks are all classic slumber party activities for girls. Beginning in elementary school, and often going straight through the teen years, nothing says “best friends” like a slumber party.

Next time you want to give your daughter a fun night with her friends, just suggest that she invite them over for the perfect slumber party.  Enjoy an evening of fun and laughter with some of our favorite slumber party ideas:

Fun Crafts for Sleepovers 

Set up a fun craft project for girls to do as they arrive.  Some of our favorite activities are:

  • Decorating white tee shirts with fabric markers and puffy paints
  • Making ribbon and flower crowns like you would see at a Renaissance Festival
  • Making friendship bracelets out of yarn or duct tape
  • Baking cookies and then decorating them with icing and sprinkles

A welcome craft can act as an icebreaker if the girls don’t know each other yet, while giving you a chance to chat with other parents.

Customizable Dinner

Girls can be picky eaters, so choose a dinner that lets the guests select their favorite foods. Personal pizzas on pita bread are easy to make and will let girls show off their culinary creativity. Simply set up a buffet-style line.

Offer tomato sauces, different cheeses and pepperoni or veggies. Drinks are important too! Kid’s love Capri suns and juice. If you want to do something low sugar, consider Crystal Light.

Late-Night Activity

Last, plan an activity to keep girls occupied in the hours after dinner. Instead of watching movies, try interactive activities like having a fashion show, a dance party, or playing board games.

Now that you know how to have a slumber party, it’s time to get busy gathering supplies to have on hand. Shop for the perfect accessories to make your girl’s next slumber party a perfect one!

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