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How to Get Kids Ready for School in 15 Minutes or Less

You can see the school bus inching its way down the street and the kids aren’t dressed yet. Getting kids ready for school seems like an impossible task, yet it can be done! Follow this simple checklist so the kids won’t miss the bus or be tardy for class! Here is how to get kids ready for school in 15 minutes:

  1. Have the kids set up their school clothes the night before so they aren’t trying to pick out what to wear in the morning. With something simple like a hanging organizer, you can plan out your kid’s outfit for every day of the week!
  1. Set out a timer for the kids to take a shower and brush their teeth. A timer will ensure they get everything done in the right amount of time.
  1. Have the kids finish their homework and place all textbooks and homework in their bag the night before so they aren’t scrambling to find their assignments in the morning. Place all school bags by the door for easy access.
  1. Pack school lunches the night before and place them in the refrigerator. Leave a note on the refrigerator door to remind the kids (and yourself) to take out the lunches and place them into school bags.
  1. Use a fun alarm clock. Purchase a clock that plays their favorite song, flashes lights or vibrates. It will be much easier to get up this way!
  1. Ban the use of electronics in the morning. Having the kids avoid these time wasters will ensure they will make it out the door.

Getting the kids ready for school isn’t a difficult task. Set up a morning plan and stick to it as it will become an everyday routine. To help with keeping the home organized for your school kids, or to reward the kids for getting to school on time, please visit Lillian Vernon for storage ideas and personalized gifts.

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