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5 Healthy Options to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

That cupcake keeps calling your name, but you have come too far in your quest for a healthy life to succumb to the false promises of a cupcake craving. Here are several healthy options that not only satisfy your sweet tooth,coneholder but also keep you on the path to a fit and healthy life.

1.  Homemade banana bread, blueberry mini-muffins, or carrot cake can be a healthier than nutritionally poor cupcakes, but calories can hide inside these moist treats. Nibble on small portions and stay clear of the cream cheese icing on the carrot cake.

2.  Fruit is nature’s sweetest gift to your good health. Fresh fruit is lower in calories than almost any cupcake and contains no artificial ingredients. Wrap fruit in a low calorie waffle for a spongy cake-like effect. Add fruit to frozen yogurt to make a creamy parfait, or sprinkle granola onto a bowl of fruit for a crunchy treat.

3.  Bake up some pear bread, which tastes more like cake than bread. This dessert is especially satisfying during the chilly days of autumn.

4.  Have a small piece of 100 percent real chocolate. A bite of creamy chocolate is often more satisfying than an entire cupcake made of fake ingredients, and medical research has long suggested that chocolate in small amounts is actually good for your health.

5.  Pop up some mouth-watering popcorn. Be sure to choose low calorie varieties if you choose microwave popcorn.


A healthy diet does not need to taste boring to be effective – you can find healthy, delicious alternatives to many unhealthy or fattening foods. Curb your desire for a cupcake today and enjoy a healthier lifestyle tomorrow.

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