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How to Hand Stockings without a Fireplace

How to Hang a Christmas Stocking without a Fireplace

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.” This famous line from “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” depicts a cherished holiday tradition. Who doesn’t remember hanging their stocking in hopes that it would soon be full of fun Christmas goodies?

However, unlike the “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” family, not all of us live in homes with chimneys. It can be hard to determine just how to hang a Christmas stocking without a fireplace. Here are a few suggestions that will leave your family’s stockings where St. Nicolas will be sure to find them!

  • Coat racks – Get Kris Kringle’s attention immediately at your front door by arranging stockings on your family coat rack.
  • Stair railings – Arrange your stockings in an attractive ascending pattern by staggering them on separate stair railings.
  • Window locks – Although window lock designs vary, many can double as ideal hooks for stockings or other Christmas decorations. Show your holiday spirit to the entire neighborhood.
  • Bedposts – Let your kids wake up to a great holiday surprise by hanging stockings directly on their bedposts!
  • Dining room chairs – The backs of many dining room chairs feature open designs that can easily accommodate a stocking or two.
  • Door frames – Suspend the family stockings all around an interior doorway for a striking display.
  • Ladders – Why not position an unused ladder next to your Christmas tree and decorate it with tinsel and festive colors. Every member of your family can then hang their stocking on a different rung.
  • Bookshelves – Who needs a mantle when you have a bookshelf? With the help of a sturdy and attractive stocking holder, you can also hang your stockings on an entertainment center, a table, or virtually any horizontal surface.
  • Stand Alone Stocking Holder – These are simple and won’t clash with any of your other Christmas decor. Simply set up and admire your beautiful Christmas stockings. You don’t even need a fireplace!

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