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Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas garland ties

Elegant, Inviting, and Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas

With work, children’s activities, parties and gift shopping, it may seem like you just won’t have time left for decorating during the hectic holiday season. Fear not. The following are a few simple Christmas decorating ideas that won’t break your bank and are easy to do or add.

Pine Cones

Roll a few pine cones in craft glue and then white glitter to give them a snow-dusted appearance. Then leave these in bowls on your tables or loose on your mantle.

Scented Candles

Pretty candles in seasonal colors and scents always add a warm glow to your house.


Evergreen garlands not only add a festive touch to your home, they also fill the air with a lovely pine scent. To keep the garlands in place, purchase specially designed garland ties that have been created to look like pine branches and to blend with your decorative boughs.

Colonial Williamsburg-style Wreaths

Add fresh or dried fruits to wreaths to give them some old-fashioned charm.

Red Bows

Create large festive bows out of pretty red ribbon and then tie them randomly around the inside and outside of your home.

Little Lights

String little lights in unexpected locations around your home to give it a warm and inviting look.

Advent Calendar

Children love these little countdowns to Christmas, especially if they are designed in such a way that they can change the numbers themselves.


Find cute snowmen-themed items to place on tables or by your front door.

Flameless Christmas Candles

Set one in each window for an old-fashioned holiday touch.


A pretty or unique creche is a lovely reminder of the spiritual reason for the season.


Inexpensive and pretty, place several of these plants in groups around your home.

Random Ornaments

Dangle inexpensive but pretty ornaments in unexpected locations, such as off of your fireplace mantle, or place them in large glass bowls on random spots around your home.

Cute Santas

As any kid will say, you can never have too many Santa figures and decorations.

Decorate Random Plants

String Christmas lights on random trees and plants around your home.

Sleigh Bells

Place these bells on a door so that guests will hear their sweet music as they open and close them.

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