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DIY Home Decor: Who Knows Your Taste Better than You?

When you want to change the dΓ©cor in your home or you are at a loss about the next step to make your house into a home, nothing is better than do it yourself home decor. Although you are the best judge of your own style, having a few ideas to jump-start your design plans can help.

Accentuate the Space

Home accents are a great way to liven up the space without making it feel crowded or unruly. Select accents that are appealing to your personal sense of style and that will match well with the colors you already have in the room.

If you want to add a personal touch to the accent piece, then look for objects that allow you to make a few changes to suit your taste. For example, votive bowlsΒ (shown left) allow you to put items at the bottom, which can customize the colors and shapes that you want to display.

Remember the Floors

Home dΓ©cor is not limited to just the furniture, background colors on your walls and accent pieces that you put throughout the space. Adding a little color or charm to your floors can provide an interesting look throughout your home that welcomes you into the space.

Customized doormats and small rugs are a perfect way to personalize your space. Place door mats that have the family name the whole family near the front entrance and consider small rugs in front of the bedrooms with a first name or nick-name to make personal spaces within the home welcoming.

Taking the time to decorate your home personally will allow you to select the items that you love and add it to your space. You know your taste better than any designer and that personal element allows you to make the house into a home. For some great DIY home decor ideas, look at Lillian Vernon online.

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