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Decorating with Thick Garden Accents

For many, their yard is their sanctuary. Making it even more appealing is a labor of love. Beyond just manicuring the lawn and pruning the hedges is the art of adding the perfect garden accents. Garden accents can help your yard to reflect your personality, taste and style and take your landscaping to the next level.

If you have a love of owls, butterflies, ladybugs, parrots or sunflowers, there are garden accents that can help you to express and celebrate it. However, if a garden gnome with a surfboard and shades proclaiming, “It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere” is more your style, there are garden accents for this vibe as well.

Your yard and garden are the perfect place to proclaim your patriotic spirit, too. Whether it’s a patriotic planter, a balloon spinner, chair covers, a military yard stake with flag or an Uncle Sam tree face, American themed garden accents can help you show the world your pride in red, white and blue.

Whether you have furry friends enhancing your life now or have lost them, a pet sympathy statue or a light up angel marker can express your love for pets past and present. There are also animal themed thermometers, plaques and statues that make lovely garden accents for the animal lover.

All of the accents and garden decor ideas described here are available through the Lillian Vernon website. Move your yard and garden beyond just ordinary by incorporating garden accents from Lillian Vernon.

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