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Cool Lunch Bags for Kids: Bye-Bye Brown Bagged Lunch

insulated lunch bags

You know the drill – you make your child’s lunch up and jam the contents into a brown, disposable paper bag. Then you hand it to your child and send him or her off to school with a peck on the cheek and a “have a good day!”

We’re not disputing the efficiency of the brown paper lunch bag – it gets the job done. But where’s the fun in it?

This year, why not pick your child up a reusable insulated lunch bag from Lillian Vernon when you’re doing the back to school shopping for your youngster? Not only do insulated lunch bags help keep the contents of the lunch fresh and in check, but they’re also incredibly cool and fun to cart to and from school day in and day out. That’s because they come in a variety of different patterns and designs and can be personalized to your child’s liking. What’s more is that they’re reusable, meaning that instead of throwing it out every day like your child would do with the old paper bag, it can be brought home and repacked up for school the very next day. While the up-front cost might be a little more initially, you’ll save money – and the environment – in the long run.

A stylish lunch bag for your child and a long-term money saver for you? Sounds like a win-win to us. Visit Lillian Vernon today to browse its selection of lunch bags for kids and pick up a personalized reusable and insulated lunch bag for your student to ring in the new academic year with today.

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