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Cool Keychains for Backpacks and Bags

It’s almost back to school time and kids everywhere are searching for the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. One way to make this happen is by adding some cool keychains to their clothes and school gear.

Add Pizzazz to School Gear

Keychains are no longer just a boring place to store a house key. Kids love to collect and display them on clothes, backpacks, bags, lunch boxes, and purses to show their individual styles and attitudes. They also enjoy trading keychains with friends.

Keychains aren’t just for younger kids. Teenagers enjoy choosing keychains to hold their car keys or to gift as inexpensive, fun gifts to friends and family members.

Choosing A Keychain

Some kids collect certain types of keychains like animals, certain colors or favorite characters and toys. Others are only interested in accumulating as many keychains as possible and enjoy collecting a wide variety of types.

Lillian Vernon offers a nice selection of cool keychains to choose from. Some, like the Aussie boot keychain and the glitter ducky, are purely decorative and collectible while others are both stylish and practical. For example, the blinged-out zip coin purse keychain provides the perfect place to store lunch money and the peace keychain keeps lip gloss handy.

Kids are often apprehensive at the beginning of a new school year. Sending them back to school with a new keychain from Lillian Vernon can help get the year off to a great start.

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