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Best Gifts for Wine Lovers cheese markers

Cheers to the Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

We all know wine connoisseurs can be picky. Bring the wrong vintage Chardonnay or pinot noir to a party and it’s like you committed a huge faux pas. No, we’re only kidding. We love wine lovers. Still, if it takes you an hour to choose the right bottle of red or white for the wine enthusiast in your life, you can imagine how tricky it is to choose the right a gift for the wine lover. From bottle stoppers to tote bags, there are oodles of fun and fashionable gadgets that can make imbibing in a Napa Valley vintage even more enjoyable.

Four of the Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

1. If you’re heading to a party or picnic, you’re going to need to find a way to keep the Pinot grigio cold. The wine chiller bag saves you’re wonderful whites from turning into lukewarm grape juice. Put the wine chiller bag in the freezer 1 to 2 hours before the event and you’ll be good to go.

2. Have you ever met a wine lover that wasn’t also a cheese lover? No, probably not. People take their cheese just as seriously as their terroir. A collection of ceramic cheese markers or cheese servers will not only help your guests tell the difference between a Manchego and a cave-aged Gruyere, but will officially earn you the title of “The Host with the Most.”

3. Unless your house happens to have a French-inspired wine cellar, you’re going to a need a place to store your wine. A scrolled metal wine rack does the trick.

4. Instead of bringing a bottle of wine to your friend’s house (you always get it wrong anyway, right?), sign her up for the Wine of the Month Club. This way she will get to choose and sample wines of her choice.

To find out more about the best gifts for wine lovers, check out Lillian Vernon.

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