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Become a Grill Master with these Tips

Are you a grill master in the making? Simply follow these tips and become the meat maestro you’ve always dreamed of being:

Choose Charcoal or Gas

Which type of grill do you prefer? Gas produces a cleaner cooking process, while charcoal provides a unique flavor.

Whether you choose gas or charcoal, make sure you get the grill’s fire going. The grill has to be hot or it won’t cook your meat, vegetables and fruit properly.

Add Flavor

Your meat will rock the party when you marinate it. Leave meat in the marinade for at least 30 minutes before tossing it on the hot grill.

Check the Temperature

It’s easy to undercook or overcook food on the grill, so use a meat thermometer. When it’s almost finished cooking, insert the thermometer once into the fleshy not the bony part of your steak or chop. Here’s a temperature chart for reference.

  • Steaks and roasts: 145°F

  • Chicken breasts: 165°F

  • Pork: 160°F

Create Fancy Grill Marks

Sear marks don’t make your food taste better, but they sure do look nice.

  • With an oiled napkin and long tongs, apply a light layer of oil to the grill’s grates.

  • Place your food on the oiled grates. Let it sit for two minutes then rotate it 90 degrees and let it sit for two more minutes.

  • Flip the meat and repeat.

At your next party, wow your guests as a grill master. Find more dining and grilling essentials in Lillian Vernon’s online catalog.

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