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Back to School Gifts for Teachers–Start the School Year Right!

back to school gift for teacherGet the school year off to a great start by selecting some back to school gifts for teachers. Nothing says ‘welcome back’ and ‘thanks for all you do’ like a surprise gift on the first day of school.

These gifts needn’t be expensive nor ostentatious. It’s simply important to let the teacher know you appreciate all she does. Did you know that teachers typically spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets each year on supplies for the students in their classrooms? Recent budget cuts have made it increasingly difficult on teachers and they need many of these supplies to successfully teach their lessons.

One lovely gift idea is a wooden sign for the teacher’s classroom. Or if you’d prefer to give him or her something more useful instead of decorative, consider a canvas tote to cart all of those papers back and forth from school. Have the bag personalized for an extra personal touch.

Back to school gifts for teachers don’t label your child as teacher’s pet. They simply let the teacher know that you understand how hard they work throughout the school year, and that you appreciate their many efforts on your child or children’s behalf. Wish those teachers a happy first day of school from Lillian Vernon!

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