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7 Heavenly Outdoor Party Ideas: Turning Your Event into Seventh Heaven

outdoor party ideas

Are you planning to invite friends and relatives over for an outdoor party this summer? If so, then you may want to consider some great outdoor party ideas that will make your backyard feel like they stepped into heaven.

Light up the Pool
If you are planning an evening party, then a firefly party complete with pool floating lights, glass lanterns and other dim lights will help create a feeling of coming home and welcome on a warm summer night.

Give it a Beach Theme
A beach party is not always practical, especially if you do not live near the beach, but you can always throw a beach party theme for a touch of paradise at home. Get out the beach towels and toys to decorate a yard and invite guests to enjoy a pool if you have one.

Go for Informal
An informal party, such as a backyard barbeque, can still bring on a touch of heaven by providing a great array of foods and a few heavenly tasting summer drinks. Enjoy the grill and invite guests to come in their flip-flops.

Focus on Paradise
Find a picture of your dream vacation spot and use that as inspiration for your theme.

Go With Butterflies
If you have a stunning backyard garden, then a butterfly theme might be the perfect way to encourage a peaceful summer day. Try these butterfly lights for a subtle accent.

Add a Touch of History
Select periods of peace in history and use that as inspiration for your party. Prepare foods that were popular during that period for a little fun.

Make it White
Nothing invokes the idea of heaven as much as white and bright colors. Use light, heavenly colors for your party theme.

Enjoy an outdoor party that has a heavenly and peaceful theme this summer. For decoration ideas, visit Lillian Vernon online.

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