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7 Great Volunteer Opportunities for the Working Professional

Many working professionals find that their jobs, although interesting, aren’t always personally fulfilling. One of the best ways to add meaning to your life is to get involved in volunteer opportunities that put your work skills tobag use for charitable causes.

1. Career Mentoring: Young people can always benefit from career mentoring. Meet with them regularly to help answer their career questions and guide them toward their dream job.

2. Community Associations: Neighborhoods often require skilled individuals to help manage resident concerns and develop community programming. Volunteer on the board of the association to lend your expertise.

3. Coaching Kids Sports: Recreational sporting leagues are often in need of volunteer coaches for their teams. Even if you don’t have kids, coaching is a great way to share your skills, be a positive role model, and get some exercise.

4. Administrative Help: Many charitable organizations need assistance with administrative tasks, like designing newsletters and preparing taxes. If you have these skills, work on these projects from your home office.

5. Tutoring: If you have a flexible work schedule, you can do after-school tutoring. Many schools, libraries, and community centers have programs you can volunteer to help with.

6. One-Time Events: When your time is limited, look for one-time needs. Help with a neighborhood or school event, serve food to the homeless, or help lead a free resume creation workshop.

7. Volunteering Abroad: Take your vacation time and do something different with it this year. Travel abroad and volunteer with an aid organization in a part of the world you care about.

Whatever opportunity you choose, make sure you can handle it alongside your day job. Get your home office organized with our wide catalog of products to help you manage your diverse responsibilities.

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