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5 Ways to Make Your Home Office Feel Less “Office” and More “Home”

home office decoration ideas Part of the charm of working from home is that you’re not stuck in a dull corporate cubicle, or at least it should be. If your home office is looking more homely than homey it may be time to give the space a quick and easy makeover. Here are five home office decorating ideas that won’t interrupt your work flow:

Color: Use the colors you love in the rest of your house to make your office look cozier. A colorful rug, some pillows or other accessories will cheer up the space in no time.

Lighting: If your home office is tucked into a basement or dark corner of the house a few new light bulbs maybe all you need to improve the atmosphere. Use full-spectrum bulbs and add more light sources if needed.

Organize: Skip the boring, corporate-style office supplies and splurge on things that express your style. Check out some of the fun and functional organizational tools from Lillian Vernon to keep your office space tidy.

Sound:  Create a more pleasant mood by playing soft music in the background; or placing a water fountain in an empty corner. A white noise machine that plays nature sounds is also a pleasant option.

Plants:  It’s amazing what a few living plants can do to change the look of a room. And having a brown thumb is no excuse; try growing pothos, mother-in-law’s tongue or succulents if you’re gardening skills are questionable.

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