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Tips for Throwing the Best New Year's Eve Party

5 Tips for Throwing the Best New Year’s Eve Party

Christmas is over and the holiday season is almost complete. There’s only one big event on everyone’s agendas left this year, and that’s your New Year’s Eve party. You know that everyone is counting on you to help them ring in the New Year in style, so you’ll want to know what the pros do when they throw the best New Year’s Eve party.

5 Tips for Throwing the Best New Year’s Eve Parties

  1. Choose a theme. Many people opt for a sparkling theme of gold, silver and black. This is a classic New Year’s Eve party theme, and it’s always a success. Other theme ideas could include a masquerade, costume party or black-and-white party.
  2. Create a play list that encourages everyone to get up and dance. New Year’s Eve is about letting loose and having a good time, and you need the right music in order to set the tone. Try a mix of current hits and oldies to get people in the dancing mood.
  3. Instead of creating a full course dinner menu, offer finger foods and appetizers for your guests as they mill about the party. Keep it simple, and try to remember that guests will be enjoying their food while standing up. You don’t want to include anything too messy on the menu. Pull out all the stops with special wine holders or a copper-finish tub. These elements will add a special touch.
  4. Plan a New Year’s Resolution game. Have everyone right down their resolution, and place them in a bowl. People should take turns reading the resolutions out loud and trying to guess who wrote them.
  5. Offer a champagne bar in order to spice up the drink menu. Offer different selections of bubbly, and include frozen fruit for guests to drop in to chill their drink.

When you put these tips into action, everyone will remember your soiree as the best New Year’s Eve yet. Ringing in the New Year should be exciting and momentous, and you won’t want to disappoint your guests. In order to throw the best party ever, be sure to get all of your party supplies from Lillian Vernon.

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