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5 Hot Winter Drinks the Whole Family Can Enjoy

When winter weather is present, there’s arguably nothing that hits the spot better than a nice warm drink out of your special mug. It warms the bones and can also help relax and soothe as well. But what winter drink is right for you? And furthermore, what hot drink is also fitting for the whole family?

Five family-friendly hot winter drinks to try out this season:

  • Homemade Hot Chocolate: This is a winter drink staple. Simply bring water to a boil and add in the ingredients. You can purchase pre-packaged hot chocolate packets from your local supermarket or you can mix and match yourself. If you choose the latter option, use cocoa powder, white sugar, milk and vanilla extract. And don’t forget to top it off with marshmallows or whipped cream.
  • Chai Tea: Crushed spices, cinnamon, ginger and milk are the key ingredients in this winter weather drink favorite. Just bring a pot of water to a boil, add the ingredients, tea bags and enjoy!
  • Warm Mulled Cider: You likely have apple cider on your list of favorite fall drinks – but apple cider is part of a delicious cold weather drink too. Simply warm the apple cider and mix with cinnamon, spices and a touch of orange zest to get warm mulled cider.
  • Warm Lemonade: While this drink might sound suspicious, it’s an interesting cup to give a try. The main ingredients are simple ones – water, honey, lemons and cinnamon sticks. Mix it all together and you’ll find that the lemons and the cinnamon take over the flavor, creating a unique, yet delicious drink.
  • Coffee: I know what you’re thinking – coffee, really? Coffee is a great year-round drink – yes. But there are certain creamers that you can purchase to add to your coffee that can really add a nice winter touch to it. Peppermint mocha is one. Gingerbread is another. Give them a try this year.

For more information on tasty winter time drinks and to find that all important mug or glass to enjoy them in, contact Lillian Vernon or visit today.

[photo via Tasty Kitchen}

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