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5 Closet Organization Tips for the Hopelessly Disorganized

If you have a hard time finding a matching pair of shoes or an outfit to wear, it’s time to get your closet organized. Closet organization tools such as storage bins and hangers can turn your hopelessly disorganized space into one that’s neat and tidy.

1. Go Over the Door
Over-the-door storage racks are a great way to put an often ignored space to good use. An over-the-door jewelry organizer lets you keep your necklaces, earrings and accessories sorted and in view.

2. Use Hangers
Hangers can help you organize more than shirts and pants in the closet. You can also use them to hang up your accessories, such as belts, scarves and ties. Tiered closet hangers┬álet you hang up multiple garments where you’d usually only hang one.

3. Divide and Organize
Drawer dividers and cubbyholes are essential for closet organization. Use the dividers to keep your handbags orderly or to sort socks or accessories in a drawer.

4. Stash Out-of-Season
There’s no reason to keep heavy winter clothing in your closet in the summer. Use under-the-bed storage cases to neatly stash away clothing you don’t need at the moment.

5. Sort Shoes
Keep your shoes together by storing them in boxes and under bed cases. An under-the-bed boot keeper is essential for packing away winter boots. Shoes boxes on a closet shelf let you see each pair and get to them easily.

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