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Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

The 5 Best Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas of the Season

As the Griswold family reminds us every year in “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation,” you don’t need to wrap the house in a bazillion Christmas lights to make a good holiday impression. All Santa needs is a roof to land on; he doesn’t need it to be lit up like an airport runway. However, whether you like to string twinkling lights around the hedges, place candles in windows or inflate giant candy canes in the yard, outdoor Christmas decorations are a must. If you want your silver lanes to be aglow this year, take inspiration from one of these outdoor Christmas decorating ideas.

Outdoor Decorating Ideas:

1. Light-Up Color-Changing Solar Trees are perfect if you’d rather have a green Christmas than a white one. By storing solar power during the day and glowing in changing colors at night, these acrylic trees are the energy efficient, money-saving, anti-Griswold Christmas decorations.

2. Turn your home into a life-sized gingerbread house. How do you do that? First, outline your home with multi-colored lights. After that, hang up some giant lollipops and gumdrops. Finish the holiday concoction by lining the driveway with candy canes and sprinkling glitter on the mailbox.

3. Do you want to set a Christmas scene as classic as a Normal Rockwell painting? Hang a pair of vintage ice skates over the door and adorn them with red ribbon and mistletoe.

4. Snowmen may be classic holiday decorations, but unless you live in a snowy locale, building an authentic button-eyed Frosty is impossible. However, you can put a Rustic Rattan Snowman on your porch to greet people even if you live in Florida.

5. Turn your front porch into a manmade snowstorm. White lights, cut-out paper snowflakes, baskets of pine cones painted white and miniature white Christmas trees along the windowsill will make your home look like a winter wonderland.

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