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3 Herbs that are Super Easy to Grow

What’s better than fresh produce? How about fresh herbs. They’re easy to grow on your kitchen windowsill or in your outdoor garden, and they enhance almost any recipe. Here are three fantastic herbs your family will love.


A favorite herb in Italian dishes, basil comes in dozens of varieties. Basil plants grow up to two feet tall, so consider planting them in your outdoor garden or patio rather than on your windowsill. Place the herb in full sun and provide plenty of water. To enjoy an abundance of fresh and flavorful basil, harvest the leaves frequently.


Delicious in iced tea or as a vegetable and meat garnish, mint requires very little care once it’s established. Simply plant it in partial shade and keep the soil moist. Because it has a tendency to expand rapidly, plant this fragrant herb in containers. Otherwise, it will overtake your entire garden.


Tons of recipes use fresh parsley, so keep some around year round. Grow the curly variety to add flavor to your dishes or to garnish meals. Use Italian or flat leaf parsley in soups, salads and sauces. Plant your parsley in loamy soil that’s well drained. It grows best in direct sunlight, but it will also grow in partial shade and provide you with plenty of flavor for your favorite recipes.

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