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10 Thoughtful Gifts Under $10

thoughtful gifts for under 10 dollarsCheck out these 10 thoughtful gifts under $10 and wow the gift recipients in your life. Gifts needn’t be expensive, but they really should be thoughtful. Inexpensive options combined with creativity often result in treasures.

1. Fill a little girl’s backpack with some new pencils, crayons and paper and she’s ready for the first day of school.

2. A boy’s backpack covered with brightly colored insects is perfect for outdoor play when some snacks are added in.

3. Everyone loves photo frames. Add a fun photo!

4. Men, women, and teens are striving for chic organization options. Hanging organizers for bathroom or kitchen items and special organizers for jewelry make wonderful gift options.

5. Women–regardless of their age–love shiny compacts.

6. Glass votive holders are perfect for tiny candles, but that’s not all. When used to store bobby pins or hair elastics, they make a fun gift for any organized woman.

7. Everyone needs notebooks. A stack of notebooks with a new pen are always a welcome gift.

8. Pair some all occasion gift tags with a roll of brightly colored ribbon for a gift anyone can use year round.

9. A pop up toothpick holder doesn’t just house toothpicks. Add a new pair of tweezers for unique bathroom storage.

10. A business card case filled with cards from local businesses is a wonderful gift for someone who is new to your community.

Check out Lillian Vernon to add to these fun and thoughtful ideas for gifts under $10.

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